The Stonewall & District Chamber of Commerce currently meets monthly. We encourage any of our chamber members to attend our meetings to join in on our conversations and planning, e-mail us if interested in attending. We will now be hosting approximately 3 events throughout the year including community events, fundraisers and educational seminars to try to keep it fresh and exciting for our members and members of the community. When you join you will receive email upates and information on upcoming events. Our Annual General Meeting will be every November. The level of participation that you choose to have is up to you, but we encourage you to be active so we can add your voice to our other members that attend. We look forward to your participation.


Affinity Partners
The Stonewall & District Chamber of Commerce also assists businesses and associations of all sizes in improving their bottom line through a number of benefit programs with our Affinity Partners-payroll processing, telephone service, Visa and Mastercard rates, security system rebates, fuel rebates and more. Click here to visit chamberplan.ca for info on the group insurance plan or contact Keystone Benefits Consulting at keybenefits@shaw.ca or 204-654-3397 for more info.

We share this info at our regular meetings as well can guide you towards speaking with the right person to help you with your specific needs. Stay on top of current business issues, concerns and events by participating at our annual general meeting and by attending our event opportunities.

Networking, Leads and Referrals
Chamber events give you visibility in business circles. Participate in casual and formal events such as: informational breakfasts, luncheons & seminars, annual Small Business seminar(s), annual Christmas Dinner, annual Festival of Lights Santa Claus Parade, fundraising dinners and events and more.

A Voice
Chamber is the voice of business speaking out on issues that affect you in our community. Stand up and be counted. Chamber members are called upon to render decisions that can affect the entire community.